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Maintenance operations

Most operations that take place on Divio applications can be considered routine operations, and will not under normal circumstances interrupt the function of web applications.

Some however by their nature are more complex and can require a brief downtime. The most notable example is deployments that require a change of deployment cloudspace, such as cloudshift operations (below). These are regarded as Maintenance operations.

Maintenance window

Maintenance windows

Maintenance operations will only take place during designated weekly maintenance windows, to control when downtime occurs.

By default, a site's maintenance window is set to hours UTC 01:00-05:00 each Monday, but this can be changed to suit your business needs. A queued maintenance action can also be triggered manually using the Start now option to run immediately, outside the window.

Cloudshift cloudspace migration

Moving your application from one cloudspace to another requires a cloudshift migration operation. As well as entailing a short downtime, it may also require amending external services such as DNS that need to identify the application.

The cloudspace migration operation will be performed during a maintenance window.

In the case of DNS changes, we advise reducing DNS TTLs well in advance of the migration, so that when DNS entries are changed, disruption is minimised.

Note that a cloudshift operation deploys any outstanding commits on the application's environments, even if they were not previously deployed.