Application creation options#

A Divio application is defined by the code in its Git repository.

When a new application is created on the Control Panel, some pre-defined application types can also be used (based on a combination of Stack, Additional components and Additional Boilerplate).


'application creation Stack options'

Generally, you will select Build your own and construct your own Dockerfile.

We also provide some pre-built application templates for Aldryn Python, Node, PHP, Java and others (see below).

Additional components#

'application creation Additional component options'

Additional components may be available, depending on the selected Stack.

For the Aldryn Python platform, examples include Django and django CMS; for the PHP platform, Laravel and Symfony, and so on.

Additional Boilerplate#

'application creation Additional boilerplate options'

Additional Boilerplates may be available, depending on the selected Additional components.

Boilerplates provide additional functionality baked into the application. For example, an Aldryn Python/django CMS application can be launched with Boilerplates for Bootstrap, Foundation and other technologies.

Git repository manager#

'application creation Git options'

By default, your application will use Divio’s own private Git server. Alternatively you can select a Git provider of your choice. You can migrate an application from our Git server to an external provider at any time.

For a quick start, use Divio’s Git server.

About pre-built application templates#

We also provide some optional ready-to-go definitions for a quick start. For example:

  • Stack: Aldryn Python

  • Additional components: django CMS

  • Additional Boilerplate: HTML5

It’s important to understand that these pre-built application templates are simply there to provide you with a quick way to get started with a particular stack. They don’t prevent you from adding other components.