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Application environments

Each Divio application includes three environments for the application by default.

The three environments are created in Docker containers from the same images.

  • Local, running on your own computer
  • Test, running on our Cloud servers
  • Live, running on our Cloud servers

In our recommended workflow, development is done locally, before being deployed to Test and finally to Live.

It is also possible to set up multiple cloud environments for an application. For example, a common scheme is to use four: Development, Testing, QA, Production.

Default application conditions‚Äč

Some of these conditions may be readily altered according your needs, for example the DEBUG setting. See also How to run a local application in live configuration.

STAGE environment variablelocaltestlive
DEBUG environment variableTrueTrueFalse
static files served bylocal serveruWSGI
media files served bylocal serverour Cloud S3 service
database runs ina local containerour Cloud database cluster
number of application containersone according to subscription
application container sleepsn/aafter 15 minutes' activitynever