Project creation options

Each Divio project is based on a combination of Stack, Additional components and Additional Boilerplate.

Any application that is suited to being run in Docker can be run on Divio and built up using the default Build your own option as a starting point.


'project creation Stack options'

Generally, you will select Build your own and construct your own Dockerfile. See Deploy an existing web application for guidance.

We also provide some pre-built project templates for Aldryn Python, Node, PHP, Java and others (see below).

Additional components

'project creation Additional component options'

Additional components may be available, depending on the selected Stack.

For the Aldryn Python platform, examples include Django and django CMS; for the PHP platform, Laravel and Symfony, and so on.

Additional Boilerplate

'project creation Additional boilerplate options'

Additional Boilerplates may be available, depending on the selected Additional components.

Boilerplates provide additional functionality baked into the project. For example, an Aldryn Python/django CMS project can be launched with Boilerplates for Bootstrap, Foundation and other technologies.

Git repository manager

'project creation Git options'

By default, your project will use Divio’s own private Git server. Alternatively you can select a Git provider of your choice. You can migrate a project from our Git server to an external provider at any time.

For a quick start, use Divio’s Git server.

About pre-built project templates

We also provide some optional ready-to-go definitions for a quick start. For example:

  • Stack: Aldryn Python

  • Additional components: django CMS

  • Additional Boilerplate: HTML5

It’s important to understand that these pre-built project templates are simply there to provide you with a quick way to get started with a particular stack. They don’t prevent you from adding other components; for example, you might decide to add Sass CSS compilation using Node to a project that doesn’t already include Node.