Project creation options

Each Divio project is based on a combination of Platform, Type and Boilerplate. You can select from our optional ready-to-go definitions for a quick start. For example:

  • Platform: Python
  • Type: django CMS
  • Boilerplate: HTML5

Alternatively, you can build your own from scratch, by choosing the No platform option.

It’s important to understand that these pre-built project templates are simply there to provide you with a quick way to get started with a particular stack. They don’t prevent you from adding other components; for example, you might decide to add Sass CSS compilation using Node to a project that doesn’t already include Node.


Options include Python, Node, PHP, Java and others.

If you prefer to build your own Dockerfile and project components from scratch, select No platform. We recommend becoming familiar with Divio projects before doing this.


The available project types depend on the selected Platform.

For the Python platform, examples include Django, django CMS and Flask; for the PHP platform, Laravel and Symfony, and so on.


Available Boilerplates depend on the selected project Type.

Boilerplates provide additional functionality baked into the project, typically related its frontend configuration. For example, a django CMS project Type can be launched with Boilerplates for Bootstrap, Foundation and other technologies.

Git repository manager

By default, your project will use Divio’s own private Git server. Alternatively you can select a Git provider of your choice. You can migrate a project from our Git server to an external provider at any time.

For a quick start, use Divio’s Git server.