Version control

Divio Cloud projects use Git for version control.

By default, projects use our own Git server.

We also offer the option to manage your project’s codebase on remote Git providers. Currently, we support GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket (other options may also work or can be available on request, including private Git servers, for suitable projects).

Our Control Panel interacts with different Git providers via an abstraction layer that makes it possible to present common user and application interfaces.

Project repository branches

By default, each project’s code is in its Git master branch, and can be deployed directly from the Git server to the Test or Live servers (our strongly-recommended workflow is always to deploy to Test first).

Custom Tracking Branches

However, on request the Custom Tracking Branches feature can be enabled for a project, allowing different branches to be set for the Test and Live servers - for example, develop and master respectively.

In this workflow you would work on develop before manually merging into master, and then deploying Live.

All commits made by our Control Panel are to the branch used by the Test environment.