How to get started with the Divio CLI

Although we provide the Divio app, a GUI application for working with your projects locally, for many developers the preferred tool for working with Divio projects is the Divio CLI.

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If you are completely new to Divio, please see our tutorial, which guides you through installation and use of the Divio CLI in more detail.


In order to use the Divio CLI, you will need to install various packages if you do not already have them installed, including:

  • Docker

  • Git

  • Pip

Install the CLI

The Divio CLI is a Python application. Note that it requires Python 3.6 or higher. Install it with:

pip install divio-cli

Log in using the CLI


divio login

This will open in your browser, from where you can copy a token to paste into the terminal.

Add your public key to the Control Panel

Upload your public key at


The CLI allows you to interact with projects locally and on the Cloud; for example, to set up a Cloud project locally:

divio project setup <project slug>

See the reference guide.