Docker commands


It is beyond the scope of this documentation to provide a complete reference for Docker-related commands. This page is concerned only with providing basic reference for these commands in the context of Divio projects.

The docker-compose command

Docker Compose, invoked as docker-compose, is used to manage Docker applications.

The command is executed in a Docker application directory, and makes use of the project’s The docker-compose.yml file file. Its general form is:

docker-compose <command>

Builds the services (i.e. containers) listed in the docker-compose.yml file. Optionally, takes the name of a particular service to build as an argument.


Removes (i.e. deletes) the project and its containers.

The docker command

The docker command is used to manage images and containers.


docker <command>

List running Docker containers. Example:

➜ docker ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE            COMMAND                 CREATED         STATUS        PORTS                 NAME
d6007edbaf32  demoproject_web  "/tini -g -- pytho..."  17 minutes ago  Up 8 seconds>80/tcp  demoproject_web_
27ff3e661027  postgres:9.6     "docker-entrypoint..."  6 days ago      Up 8 seconds  5432/tcp              demoproject_db_