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How to use our backup system

The Backups view of your application shows the Scheduled and On-demand backups that have been created.

The list of backups shows what was backed up and when, with additional information and options to restore or download the backup, or create new backups on-demand.

How to create backups

  • Scheduled backups are made according to the application's backup schedule, and require no intervention from the user.
  • On-demand backups can be made whenever you require.

To create a backup, from the Backups view of your application,

  • select Create backup for the server you want to backup
  • choose what to backup: database, media or both
  • hit Create backup (you may add a note to the backup)

How to work with existing backups

Select a particular backup to view more detailed information about it. More importantly, each backup has

  • a Restore option
  • an options menu, for further actions, such as Prepare download.

The Restore option

The Restore functionality gives you flexibility. You can choose what to restore (database or media) and its destination (application and environment).


A restore operation will overwrite content at the destination. Take a backup before restoring unless you are sure you will no longer need that content.

The Download option

To download a backup to your own computer, select Prepare download from the action menu and choose the content you want to download. The files will be prepared asynchronously, and an email message containing links to the database and/or media files will be sent to you when they are ready.

The database will be made available in the form of a database dump

The media files will be made available as a tarred archive, and will include a manifest file listing contents.