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Divio Documentation

Divio is a multi cloud infrastructure management service, with a platform for containerised web application deployment.

Divio aims to provide a better way to develop, deploy, scale and maintain web applications, and manage the infrastructure they run on, using workflows you're familiar with and open-source tools you can trust.


Applications deployed on Divio can be created with any stack, platform or language. They are containerised using Docker, versioned in Git and can be deployed to any one of multiple global cloudspaces.


Get Started


A hands-on introduction to Divio for developers.


Step-by-step guides that cover key tasks and operations and common problems.


Explanations, clarification and discussion of key topics.


Technical reference that covers tools, components, commands and resources.

Additional resources


The Divio Community is there to help you as well.

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The Divio API

The Divio API is a powerful tool for interacting with our infrastructure and your applications. See How to use the Divio API in this documentation and the Divio API reference documentation.

Speak to an expert

Do you need to know more about Divio and its capabilities to decide whether the platform is suited to your most complex requirements? Get some answers from an expert, with no obligations and no sales-pitches - just the facts.

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Our promises to developers

Divio will help you achieve the results of an entire DevOps team all by yourself - there are just three steps to deployment heaven:

  • Docker: containerise your application using the world's most popular containerisation technology.
  • Divio: create an application with the database, storage and other services it will need - all wired up and ready to go.
  • Deploy: go live, enjoying a fully automated build and launch.

If you let us take care of the dull, repetitive jobs, you’ll get to do the creative, enjoyable ones.