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About Aldryn (legacy)

Find documentation details on the basics of Aldryn (legacy). Although continued to be supported by our platform, we don't recommend using for new applications.

Add and configure a Postgres database

Find Divio's tutorial on adding and configuring a Postgres database on an Django application. Learn to configure an app to use a Postgres database, and more.

Add and configure media storage

Find Divio's tutorial on adding and configuring media storage on your Django app. Each cloud environment can have its own media storage running on a service.

Addons (legacy)

Find documentation on implementing addons on Divio (previously known as Aldryn). These are Python/Django apps that have been packaged for easy deployment.

Addons list

Find documentation on the addons supported and not supported/deprecated by Divio here. Also includes details on addons maintained by the Django CMS Association.

Apply some refinements

Find Divio's tutorial on applying some refinements to your Django app. Once your app is up and running, there are a number of refinements you can make.

Configure static file serving

Find Divio's tutorial on configuring static file serving for your Django app. Your site's static files need to be handled properly. Learn how to here.

Create a new Django application

Find Divio's tutorial on creating a new Django application. Learn how to create and deploy a new app using Django, a popular Python web application framework.

Key addons

Find Divio's technical reference guide on key addons.

Set up your Divio application locally

Find our tutorial on setting up a Divio Django app locally. Learn to build the new app you've created in the local development environment (your own computer).

Update an existing Aldryn addon

Find Divio's how-to guide updating an existing Aldryn addon. Addons will need to be updated now and then. Learn the basic process for updating an addon here.

Working with Django addons (legacy)

Find documentation on using Aldryn django (legacy) on Divio. Although continued to be supported by our platform, we don't recommend for using for new apps.