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Unpinned Python dependencies

Support notice 16th November 2020


Unpinned dependency errors are not related to Divio infrastructure or services, and are wholly the responsibility of the user to address and prevent.

Divio Support is not able to provide assistance in the resolution of problems related to unpinned Python dependencies.

What is an unpinned dependency?

An unpinned dependency is any Python component installed in an application whose version is not exactly specified, for example:


rather than:


It is crucial to understand that even pinned dependencies may themselves have unpinned dependencies.

pip will attempt to install the latest version of any dependency it finds. In the case of an unpinned dependency, this could be a newly-updated and incompatible version of the component. This can cause unexpected build, deployment or runtime errors.

Pinning Python dependencies‚Äč

All Python dependencies should be fully pinned once you have a working combination of components.

To obtain a full list, use:

pip freeze

in the application (either locally, using docker-compose run web pip freeze, or in a cloud shell.)

The full list should be included in your application's Python requirements file.

If you are using Aldryn Django in your application, see Pin all dependencies.