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Divio platform overview

Divio is a cloud management platform, providing Docker-based containerised web application hosting.

See Docker basics for an introduction to Docker and its key components.

Divio offers a local development environment that replicates almost perfectly the Cloud environments in which applications run, eliminating many of the pain-points of deployment caused by having to deal with different environments in development and production.

In our architecture, we abstract functionality from configuration so that functional components can be made immutable and stateless wherever possible. This enables them to be replaced, added, moved and so on simply by spinning up new instances, without requiring manual configuration.

Cloud infrastructure

Our cloud is vendor-neutral, and can be run on AWS, MS Azure and other infrastructures. Both our Control Panel and customer applications can be deployed on public, private and on-premise infrastructures.

Our Control Panel and the cloud management architecture are built on a Python/Django stack. Our client sites run in Docker containers. More information about our infrastructure can be provided on request.

Local development environment

Thanks to Docker containerisation, we are able to provide multiple environments for each application, including a local development environment that replicates the application's cloud environments.

Our toolchain helps set up the local environment, transfer data and media files to and from the cloud, and manage deployments, from the command line.