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Elasticsearch instances

We currently provide multiple versions of Elasticsearch on different cloudspaces. Please contact Divio support for more information_support if you need to specify a particular version for your application.

Access credentials

When an Elasticsearch instance is added to an application, each environments will be provided with a DEFAULT_HAYSTACK_URL variable.

This variable contains the details required to access the instance, in the form:

es+https+aws://<access key>:<secret key>@<host>/<index>-*

Your application will need to parse this URL appropriately. Note that the secret key may contain encoded characters that need to be decoded.

Access limitations

Except for applications using a dedicated Elasticsearch instance, applications use one of our shared Elasticsearch clusters.

The connection URL we provide grants access only to a specific index, and not to other indexes. An application may use only URLs that start with the index prefix we provided.

The reason for this limitation is that the AWS ES permissions model could otherwise allow aliases to bypass intended access restrictions.