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Add and manage collaborators

Find Divio's how-to guide on adding and managing collaborators. Our platform allows users to manage apps and collaborators using organisations. Learn more here.


Find documentation about boilerplates on Divio here. Learn about Divio's different built-in boilerplates options, including blank, HTML5, SaaS, and more.

Cron jobs

Find documentation about cron jobs on Divio here. Includes creating tasks, and commands. Note that cron jobs aren't available on all Divio application plans.

Divio application backups

Find Divio's technical reference guide on Divio application backups. Our backup system is designed with pragmatic, real-world needs and concerns in mind.

Divio environment variables

Find Divio's technical reference guide on Divio environment variables. Our cloud environments are automatically provided with environment variables. Learn more.

Divio Mirrors

Find Divio's technical reference guide on Mirrors. A mirror allows you to deploy the same codebase to multiple applications, with it's own database and more.


Find documentation on how Divio application domains are managed here. Learn about DNS records, SSL certificates, redirects, environment variables, and more.

Duplicate an application

Find Divio's how-to guide to duplicating an application. To help re-use work and speed up workflow, we offer two options for app duplication - Fork and Mirror.

Environment variables

Find an overview of environment variables on Divio. It includes cloud and local environments, with details on where these environment variables are utilised.


Find documentation about Divio application environments (Beta). Learn about multiple and live environments, as well as adding and removing environments (Beta.)

Maintenance operations

Find documentation about maintenance operations on Divio here. Learn about when these operations occur, when they might impact web applications, and more.

Metrics (Beta)

Find documentation about metrics on Divio. Real-time metrics provide insights into app behaviour and performance. Note that this is currently a Beta feature.

Release commands (Beta)

Find documentation about release commands on Divio. Release commands are currently a Beta feature, available to users signed up to Beta-release feature access.

Use our backup system

Find Divio's how-to guide to using the backup system. This view of your app shows the scheduled and on-demand backups that have been created. Learn more here.