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Collaborators are users who have access to your organisation or application. You can define whether or not they have access to your entire organisation or just to a specific application.

The Divio Cloud Platform allows you to manage applications and collaborators using organisations. An organisation is free to create, and you may add and manage as many developers, customers with varying access levels, and collaborators as you need.

Application Collaborators

Collaborator types

The following collaborator types are available:

  • Owner: collaborator set by default upon creation of the organisation and has complete control over the organisation, all its applications and collaborators. Ownership must be transferred before the member can be removed.
  • Administrator: Has the same rights as the owner, but can be removed or downgraded.
  • Regular: collaborators need to be added to applications explicitly. They have no access to organisation settings and cannot create new applications or manage addons.

Add a collaborator to an organisation

  1. Select the organisation to which you would like to add the collaborator.
  2. From the organisations Settings, select Collaborators and choose Add collaborators.
  3. Add your collaborator's email address and select whether you want to provide Regular user or Admin permissions. Your new collaborator will receive a confirmation email and must verify their account.

If the collaborator you invite does not have a Divio account, they can create one. The email address you use to invite a collaborator must match their account email address.

Until your collaborator confirms the account, the new user will have a pending status.

Once the account is confirmed, your new collaborator is a member of the organisation.

Add a collaborator to an application

A collaborator to be added to an application must be a member of the organisation to which the application belongs.

  1. Select the application to which you would like to add the collaborator.
  2. In the application's Dashboard, select Collaborators and click on Add collaborators.
  3. Select the collaborator you would want to add to this application.

If the Add collaborators button is disabled; go to the organisation settings and add more. See Add a collaborator to an organisation for more details.

Remove collaborators

An admin collaborator can remove another admin but not oneself. To remove a collaborator from an organisation:

  1. In the organisation settings, select Collaborators.
  2. Click on the options "..." menu for a particular collaborator and select Delete.

The exact process applies to revoking access of a collaborator from an application.