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Import from Git

You can connect your repository to Divio Cloud directly from GitHub. Alternatively, you can provide a git URL from any provider, such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket, and link it to Divio Cloud. Once connected, continue working on your Git repository as usual. This setup ensures that your repository serves as the source for building your application on Divio Cloud, streamlining your development workflow and keeping your builds up to date with the latest changes.

Connect to GitHub


Choose Connect to GitHub to select a repository from your account. A prompt will appear, asking you to install the "Divio Cloud" GitHub app. This app is necessary for communication between Divio Cloud and GitHub, enabling the import and synchronization of your repositories. Once installed, the app ensures seamless interaction between Divio Cloud and your GitHub account, automatically keeping your repositories in sync.


Provide the necessary repository access to the repositories you want to be selectable. You can modify this list even after the initial configuration. Once you have installed the app and configured the required access, the subsequent dropdowns will allow you to select the organization and repository to connect to.

If the repository is not shown in the list

Head to GitHub, navigate to the respective organization, and click on Settings. From there, browse to GitHub Apps in the left navigation and select Divio Cloud. Click on Configure and ensure the repository is added under Repository access.

If the app is not installed, make sure to do so during the initial Import your application step on Divio Cloud.


Next, ensure the correct default branch is selected on Divio Cloud and press Continue.

The subsequent steps are the same as for any other application. To finalize the configuration, select a name, slug, and subscription.

Provide a git URL

The GitHub integration provides a seamless experience. However, you can manually configure any git provider to work with Divio Cloud.


First, provide a Repository URL and set the correct Default branch. The URL should be in the format of


You will then have the option to select the type of SSH key that Divio generates to access your repository.

Difference between the security keys
  • ED25519: A high-security key using elliptic curve cryptography, recommended for most users.
  • ECDSA: An elliptic curve key that offers good performance, often used in mobile devices.
  • RSA: A widely supported key type that offers strong security, but is larger in size than ED25519.

Consult your git provider on their default settings. Most providers, such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, support the modern ED25519 standard.


Next, copy the generated key by pressing Copy to clipboard and add it to your git provider.

Once set up, press Continue to evaluate that the configuration is set correctly.

The subsequent steps are the same as for any other application. To finalize the configuration, select a name, slug, and subscription.

Configure a webhook


To ensure the Control Panel receives a signal when the repository is updated, set up a webhook.

This step is optional but strongly recommended for convenience.