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Provide a file

You can start an application on Divio Cloud by providing a URL to a ZIP file that contains your template.


Copy and paste the URL into the available input field. The wizard will automatically validate your template at the end of the process.


The maximum allowed size of a template is 10 MB. Malicious and dangerous code is not allowed, and we reserve the right to remove such applications.


Once you provide a valid URL, you will be prompted to configure your git repository. Choose either to use our internal Divio git or an External provider such as GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

The subsequent steps are the same as for any other application. To finalize the configuration, select a name, slug, and subscription.

Provide a template URL‚Äč

Deploy to Divio

This approach is helpful when you want to provide your own template for customers or integrate your application through a Deploy to Divio button.

The URL needs to be in the format of:{REPOSITORY}.zip