How to install system packages in a project

All Divio projects are based on a customised Docker image, which uses a version of Ubuntu Linux.

If your project requires a particular system package, you can include them in the Docker image, by listing the commands required to install them - typically, using RUN apt-get - in the Dockerfile.

The commands in the Dockerfile are executed in order, so an appropriate place to put such commands is early on, after:

FROM aldryn/base-project:py3-3.23

and before any Python-related commands that might depend on the package.

You should include an apt-get update in the installation commands, and run apt-get with the -y (“Say yes”) option, for example:

RUN apt-get update
RUN apt-get install -y wkhtmltopdf

To rebuild the docker image, installing the new packages:

docker-compose build web

The build output will show the new RUN instructions being executed as part of your build.

To make a quick check that the command installs what you require, without having to rebuild the entire project, jump into a new container running bash with:

docker-compose run --rm web bash

This container will disappear (--rm) when you exit.