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How to get help and support

We offer support across the range of our products and services with numerous different ways of contacting us. We can provide:

  • help with using Divio's platform
  • information about the platform, accounts or services
  • advice on whether our platform is suitable for your needs

The fastest and easiest way of getting in touch with us is via our chat-based support. On nearly every page of our site, in the bottom right hand corner, you'll see a chat icon - hit the icon and send us your message.

Open Intercom

To ensure that you receive our reply, please leave an email address if requested.

If you're not able to use the chat system, please contact us by email.

If you do not see the chat icon, please check that your web browser is not blocking access to it.


For Divio platform users

This documentation is a guide to using our platform, to help you manage your accounts and applications and provide essential knowledge.

For developers

Our documentation is a complete technical guide for the developer and includes tutorials, reference material and more.

Community support channels

We encourage users to join the Divio Community slack channel.