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How to get help when you have a problem

In order to help Divio support help you, it's important to provide us with the information we need, and to be sure it's something that we can actually help you with.

This page contains a report template and an example of a good report.

Grant support access

We will need you to grant support access to your account. Please go to your privacy settings, and grant consent for Support Access.

Preferably, grant support for one year so that on future occasions we will not need to ask you again. The access you grant will be used exclusively for support purposes within Divio.

Provide key information

  • The dashboard URL of each application - for each application you are referring to, we need its dashboard URL, in the form

  • The precise steps to replicate your issue - we may need to be able to replicate your issue - what action(s) must we take to see it for ourselves? If there are multiple steps involved, please list them.

  • What you expect to happen - we need to understand what you expected to happen. If you expected some output or result, describe it, bearing in mind that we may not be familiar with your application.

  • What actually does happen - describe the unexpected output or result. Include logs, error messages from the server and browser and so on.

  • Tell us what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far - please check:

    • Have you set up the application locally?
    • Does the issue present itself there?
    • If appropriate, test with your local application in live configuration.
    • Are you using logging to help understand the behaviour of the program?

    Include any relevant information from troubleshooting in your report.


You may find it helpful to copy and paste this template into your support requests:

Dashboard URLs


Steps to replicate

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3

What we expected to happen


What actually happened


Troubleshooting information

The issue [does/does not] occur when running the application locally in live configuration.

Additional information

[include error messages, links to logs, etc]

Example report

A good report might look something like this:

We are having problems with a form in our application To see this:

At this point you should be redirected to, with the data you entered.

Instead what actually happens is that sometimes the expected data will appear, but approximately 50% of the time, it will not.

There are no errors in the logs or browser. The error occurs only on the Live server, not on Test or locally (even when running in Live configuration).

As well as giving us enough information to continue investigating further, the inclusion of information about where it has been tested provides some valuable clues as to the nature of the problem.

Ensure that we have access to your application

If your application uses the Divio Git server, we'll be able to set it up locally for testing if we need to. However if you use a private remote Git repository, this won't be possible unless you can provide us with access to the repository. Usually we will provide you with a public key to add to the repository.

What we can and can't help with

Our technical support is limited in scope to our platform and infrastructure:

  • general questions about the use of the platform and its tools
  • use and configuration of the local development environment
  • best practices for application configuration on Divio
  • best practices for application migration to Divio
  • deployment issues related to our infrastructure

We are unable to provide support for:

  • general questions about development
  • debugging of user applications or third-party software
  • users' local hardware/software set-up

Please note that we are able to provide more in-depth technical support for Business-class applications than those on Economy plans. For more information please see our full support policy.