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How to clear the Cloudflare cache

If your application uses Cloudflare CDN, you can clear it as required via our control panel.


This is only available if:

  • your application uses Cloudflare's CDN
  • the Cloudflare CDN was set up by Divio, and not independently

To clear the cache for a domain on your application, go to its Domains view and select the domain for which you need to clear the cache.

The cache will be cleared within a few minutes, and you will see a success message in the dashboard.


Cache-clearing is performed on domains, and applies to all other sub-domains under the same domain.

For example, if you choose to clear the cache on or , it will apply to both of those domains, as well as, and so on.

However, it will not apply to or any other domains.

It will not automatically apply to media files, unless these are also served from the same domain.